Jennifer Adams

In what can only be politely termed as an “unusual rush of activity”, on 10 December HMRC published the outcomes of 15 of the 45 consultations undertaken during th

Questions on the practicalities of paying dividends are asked on a regular basis under the Any Answers area of AccountingWEB.


The government is consulting on the operation of the construction industry scheme (CIS).


Last month HMRC made an announcement that appears to have gone unnoticed amon


A couple of years ago Jennifer Adams attended a seminar given by HMRC when Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) was in its infancy.

Spring has officially arrived.


HMRC recently invited 25 agents to a presentation in Portsmouth to tell them about its new digital strategy. Jennifer Adams was there and presents her feedback on these new processes.


It’s the first week of 2014 and the countdown has already started to one of the most important dates in the history of the Revenue, and anything that affects HMRC


It would not have escaped members’ notice that ‘transparency’ and ‘accountability’ ar


Three months ago BIS published a consultation document that included a proposal to abolish the Companies House Annual Return (AR), explains Jennifer Adams.