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AccountingWEB asked members for their comments on the HMRC discussion document


The previous article under this headline continues to be one of the most read articles published on AccountingWEB, attracting over 63,250 views to date, despite originally being written in 2011


According to an HMRC press release issued on 2 February around 4.3m customers 


It has taken six years and seven consultation papers but HMRC is finally down to the last extra-statutory concessions (ESCs) to be incorporated into legislation, s


...everyone is winding down for Christmas. They arent thinking of such boring things as getting their books to me.

On an Any Answers comment a few days ago here...

In what can only be politely termed as an “unusual rush of activity”, on 10 December HMRC published the outcomes of 15 of the 45 consultations undertaken during th

Following on from my first blog- I met with Jane of ‘A Head for PR’ - at a lovely small tea/coffee place in the old tow

As I commented under Vaughan Blake’s Any Answers question Any one taken part in the Growth voucher scheme - 8 Aug - I commented that I had received an invite to the sche

Questions on the practicalities of paying dividends are asked on a regular basis under the Any Answers area of AccountingWEB.