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Over the past couple of years data dashboards have been mooted as the future of management reporting.

A new analytical performance dashboard led the way in a burst of announcements setting out the next phase in New Zealand-based Xero’s strategy to gain the upper hand in the global cloud accounting


What's Key in KPIs, for advising small businesses do you start with 3 or 4 or more KPIs and what are the most useful in de-mistifying such an art?!


The UK’s leading online community for accountants has joined the big-money Premier League - well, the fantasy version at least.


AccountingWEB’s management reporting series looks at how forward-looking firms are building KPI


After more than 60 years of office computing, getting fast and accurate management reports is a still a struggle for many senior managers and their accountants.


We looked at using conditional formatting to present data in the first article in this t

Simon Hurst advises how Excel’s PowerPivot add-in can streamline your dashboard measures.

Simon Hurst completes his management dashboard tutorial series with a look at effective visual presentation techniques.


Simon Hurst continues his KPI reporting casebook by incorporating some of the more advanced features available with Excel 2010, including PowerPivot.