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Simon Hurst continues his KPI reporting casebook by incorporating some of the more advanced features available with Excel 2010, including PowerPivot.


Simon Hurst continues his tutorial series on KPIs by explaining how to present information clearly and with maximum impact.

Simon Hurst returns to the scene of a previous management reporting tutorial to see how he can improve the presentation using new facilities in Excel 2010.


A long-running CIMA study provides evidence of the negative impact of performance targets within an accountancy firm.


John Stokdyk lifts the lid on the Excel 2010 KPI dashboard he used through the football season to pick his winning fantasy team. 


In this article, Simon Hurst draws on recent advice in Excel Zone about creat


With the market for performance management tools going through a wave of consolidation, Inca’s Ian Stone explains how the latest moves will benefit mid-market organisations.


ExcelZone tutorialIn the second part of this Applied Excel tutorial series, Simon Hurst explains how to translate numeric data

ExcelZone tutorialPrompted by a query in Any Answers, Simon Hurst sets out to show readers how they can build their own "traff


In his series of four tutorials David Carter used pivot tables and Excel to analyse the sales of Northwind Traders, the sample database that comes with Microsoft Access.