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Leslie Kossoff

When the email alert from Fast Company popped up on my screen promoting an article entitled, “

Ever get complaints that your data doesn’t give executives and managers the information they need, asks Leslie L Kossoff.

One would think that if someone within an enterprise wanted data – good data; real data; useful and trustworthy data – they’d go to the finance or accounting functions to get it, explains


For those of you who read me regularly, I tend to talk about the finance function’s role in the larger context. The things you can do to help the rest of the organisation achieve its goals.

It’s time for the finance and accounting functions to change their roles, particularly when it comes to procurement, explains Leslie L. Kossoff.

Everyone complains about corporate politics but, interestingly, it’s rare that anyone admits they participate in them. It’s more of a victim thing.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, reputation isn’t amorphous.

In this extract from her Executive Field Guide, “Becoming a Best of Breed Organisation”, Leslie L Kossoff says it’s time to overhaul the management accounting agenda.