While Twitter is a social media tool that

If I had a pound for every time I’ve been told LinkedIn is essential in the search for a graduate job, I wouldn’t need to look for a graduate job.

Mark Lee explains how you can get the best from social media by sharing some personal related material, but not too much.


There is widespread confusion on the subject of social media among employees at the top 100 accounting firms, according to n


Mark Lee has long recognised that many accountants are just not interested in social media. He asks if their cynicism is justified.


For the past three years Grant Thornton has taken a proactive approach to social medi


Yesterday I was doing a 'lunch and learn' around the subject of 'why use LinkedIn' with the partners in a medium-sized firm.

Social media is proving to be somewhat of a hotbed of leads for financial authorities across the world, and this most recent case is one solid example.


LinkedIn has made a raft of changes in recent months to beef up contact features, profile options and online content from high profile 'influencers'.