New national statistics showing a continued decline in corporate and personal insolvencies across the country for the last quarter of 2014 have been welcomed showing a positive improvement for indu

A High Court ruling has found that Companies House was to blame after Cardiff-based engineering firm Taylor & Sons collapsed into administration.


In August 2014, my company won a county court small claim judgement plus costs against a company for approx £2600. The company has subsequently sent me the following letter:



Good Day


Accounts Assist Franchise Limited, trading as Brilliant Bookkeeping, has gone into voluntary liquidation.


This case highlights HMRC's increasingly aggressive approach to the collection of tax, but also shows the satisfactory outcome that HMRC are being treated in the same way as other creditors and can

What are the advantages of Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation?

The main advantages of a Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation (CVL) are:

We have a potential new IT contractor client who has a track record of running a limited company for just over 12 months then closing the company down and extracting remaining reserves as a


I always find it interesting when in court to listen to the other matters being listed.


I'm just looking for a bit of guidance regarding the accounting treatment of a liquidation in the holding company under (old) UK GAAP.