Debt is the biggest curse of our time----it enslaves us all.

The second biggest curse is going to Law over debt, has been set up to help all litigants in person.

SME's can be "litigants in person" as well as individuals.

This is a draft of the e-book Help4Lips (H4L) is producing to help people to deal with debt.

It is a DRAFT, and as such we will appreciate all comments.

Ernst & Young is being sued by the former Anglo Irish Bank for its conduct leading up to the bank's collapse in 2009, in what Irish media is calling a "


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Campaigners and those who have nowhere else to turn for when fighting legal actions can now call on help from a support website for litigants in person.

Big Firm PricewaterhouseCoopers Legal has won the right to pursue a claim against the Treasury for up to £500m worth of Stamp Duty it alleges was unlawfully levied on listed companies.

Christopher Piety outlines the top five ways accountants can make themselves vulnerable to litigation.