New tax rules for loans taken out by “non-doms” will cause disputes over the interpretation of the law, the

Hi, I do the accounts for the (very) small business I run, and have a query regarding loans.


Hi I hope someone can assist me.

I was wondering what would be the accounting and tax implications of making a £5000 loan from my ltd company to my farthers company.



Hoping someone can provide a little guidance for a small accounting issue I have.


I refer here to interest free loans (repayable on demand) to family members (thus gratuitous) where the interest foregone is deemed to be a gift for IHT purposes (according to IHTM14317).


If I want to become a shareholder in a private company, do I have to buy the shares at their "market value"?


Did a thunderbolt strike near to the Pay Day Loan industry when Justin Welby threw down the gauntlet hinting that credit unions could put them out of business?


The government has extended its start-up loans scheme to those aged up to 30 with an additional £30m to the funding pot.



I thank you in advance for any replies I get. Here is the scenario that I'm having an issue with.


Your FICO score isn't a mysterious number drawn out of hat. Rather your FICO score is an exact algorithm based on your credit.