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management reporting

If you wanted to present a defining image for the cloud accounting revolution, it would probably be the online data dashboard.


Over the past couple of years data dashboards have been mooted as the future of management reporting.

Simon Hurst concludes his series on ways to improve management reporting with a lo

Accountants working in business often complain that practitioners are so tied up with statutory accounts, audits and tax returns that they have no idea about what actually goes on in the real world


Simon Hurst continues his series on ways to improve management reporting with a look at Sparklines.



Simon Hurst continues his series exploring ways to improve reporting with a look at conditional formatting.


In a return to spreadsheet design and presentation techniques, Simon Hurst begins his exploration of report formats with a look at numbering conventions.


Going to work as the financial controller for a whisky company would be a dream come true for many accountants, but when Laura Cummings took that role with the Loch Lomond Group last year, she


A growing number of alternatives are turning up for accountants and others who are looking for a replacement for Sage’s standalone forecasting tool Winforecast/Sage 50 Financial Forecasting.


Almost on a weekly basis, practitioners are being urged to expand the advisory services they offer - but how do you go about it?