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Mark Lee

Mark Lee wonders whether accountants do all they can to ensure clients appreciate their efforts.


The idea of blogging is not new but it is still a minority sport among accountants. Do those who blog find it’s worth the effort, asks Mark Lee.


Mark Lee explores some of the differences between bookkeepers and accountants and how they can work together to serve clients.


It has become increasingly common for accountants to describe themselves as ‘accountants and business advisers’.


Have you ever taken a random handful of playing cards and tried to balance them on their edge and then on each other to build up a self-supporting structure? 


No doubt you’re a great accountant.


When you first set up, the traditional options you had were to run your practice from a base at home or to rent an office.


Let me start with a request. Please don’t bother to read this if you have already made up your mind that Twitter is not for you.


This is the third of a three part series drawn from short interviews conducted during an annual networking ski trip earlier this year.


This is the second of a three-part series drawn from short interviews I conducted during my annual networking ski trip earlier this year.