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Mark Lee

Before we get into the ‘classic mistake’ let me start by asking you a related question, says Mark Lee.


Whether or not you are active on twitter, you must have been tempted. Mark Lee asks whether it is a waste of time or can you derive business benefits?


Mark Lee considers the steps start-up practices can take to ensure they maximise the chance of new contacts becoming clients.


Mark Lee shares a personal view of issues and qualities that may be holding you back.


In this second of a two-part article Mark Lee explores more ways in which startup accountants can improve the impact they have and in so doing increase their chanc


Mark Lee talks to accountant Anna Goodwin about her new book and draws some lessons for other accountants in practice.


Mark Lee explores some of the approaches startup firms of accountants can adopt to ensure they have a positive impact.


Mark Lee follows up his recent piece about threatening clients with a look at how such situations might be avoided.


One of the ways to become more successful in practice is to reduce the level of cash that is tied up in the firm - and the same is true for clients' business


It’s often a shock to the system when you start to run your own practice.