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Mark Lee

I was intrigued to read some new and original research published by Robert Craven of The Directors’ Centre, reports Mark Lee. 


This is the second of two articles addressing a key skill accountants need to develop if they are serious about building up a new practice.

There have been many times over the last few years when I have explained to other types of advisers and consultants that most accountants are ‘comfortable’, explai


Although many people consider all accountants to be the same, it is also true that those who can speak well in public stand out from the rest.


If you are like most accountants, you will rarely seek out formal feedback from clients.


In 2012 I highlighted some proven ideas to get your first


Client testimonials are the next best thing to a direct referral, explains Mark Lee. 


Marketing your new practice is one thing, but helping identified prospects to agree to become clients requires different skills, writes Mark Lee.


Clearly no accountant would choose to spend an entire week indulging in networking activities.


You might think that anyone who decides to start their own business would be full of confidence, says Mark Lee.