Mark Lee

Mark Lee encourages start-up practices to seek help from those who know and care for them best.


If you are like most accountants you probably get approached every now and then by third parties who have a proposition for you, explains Mark Lee.


Mark Lee visited the recent Business Start-up Show at Olympia and was surprised to find almost 20 firms of accountants exhibiting.


Mark Lee interviews Nick Jervis, a non-practising solicitor about how accountants can use their websites for lead generation.


Over the years I have noticed a number of similarities in the fears, worries and concerns shared by accountants as they start their own practice, explains Mark Lee


Mark Lee imagines how a new small business client might address their new accountant. 

To: Our New Accountant,


Mark Lee takes another look at how start-up practices can benefit from third party input to help build and grow their business.


A journalist asked me recently “What is the worst mistake accountants can make when they are trying to ‘close’ a prospective client?” says Mark Lee.


Mark Lee shares the story of ‘Leonard’ who has realised his start-up practice needs a partner. What about you?