Mark Lee

Mark Lee highlights 10 techniques accountants can use to improve the likelihood that clients will follow their guidance.


Mark Lee interviews PR and communications expert Simon Goldie who shares his tips and advice for accountants.


Mark Lee asks whether start-up practices need a business card and highlights common mistakes made by practices with their cards.


Mark Lee explores the tendency for accountants to work for clients without payment – sometimes without realising that is what they are doing.


Mark Lee interviews financial guru, Saul Djanogly who has some unorthodox views about financial advice that may resonate with accountants.


Accountants are generally luckier than lawyers, partly due to the existence of recurring work, in terms of annual accounts and tax returns, and also the fact


Mark Lee explains the three Rs as they could apply to start-up accountancy practices.

Mark Lee returns to a topic that generated much interest earlier in the year.

Mark Lee interviews Stephen Harvard Davis who believes that business owners should stop trying to plan too far ahead and focus instead on the future they don’t yet know.

Image is an important part of many people’s lives and professions and accountancy is no exceptioneven for Sift Media's finance director Steven Priscott, pictured on the right.