Mark Lee

Mark Lee returns to a topic that generated much interest earlier in the year.

Mark Lee interviews Stephen Harvard Davis who believes that business owners should stop trying to plan too far ahead and focus instead on the future they don’t yet know.

Image is an important part of many people’s lives and professions and accountancy is no exceptioneven for Sift Media's finance director Steven Priscott, pictured on the right.


Mark Lee met up with Nick Fitzherbert, a member of The Magic Circle, to talk about the success he has been having in coaching finance directors in presentation ski


The media suggests that a recent professional negligence case imposes an obligation on accountants to advise on tax schemes.


Social media is proving to be somewhat of a hotbed of leads for financial authorities across the world, and this most recent case is one solid example.


LinkedIn has made a raft of changes in recent months to beef up contact features, profile options and online content from high profile 'influencers'.


In this final part of the series, I will focus on the topic that is probably of most interest to start-up practices and indeed to more established firms too:

If you are the sort of accountant who has no interest in social media then please don’t bother reading this article, explains M


AccountingWEB has published a brand new Start up in