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Mark Lee

Mark Lee introduces the latest official guidance as to professional conduct in relation to taxation especially in the context of tax planning advice.


You know you want to sack a client, but how can you do this? Mark Lee explores the main options available to you.


Mark Lee explains how you can get the best from social media by sharing some personal related material, but not too much.


Mark Lee suggests how start-up firms can describe what they do without simply saying "I'm an accountant".


I am a part-qualified ACCA accountant and a graduate in Applied Accounting with a substantial past work-experience of six months as Accounts Assistant but my friend is fully qualified ACCA with thr


Mark Lee talks to Alan Stevens about the skills required to become an exceptional speaker.


If you’re a good accountant but you lack any sales skills you will probably struggle to build your practice, warns Mark Lee.


Traditional approaches to time management tend to focus on the creation of lists of one sort or another, says Mark Lee.

Most of the articles in the


For as far back as I can recall the media has asked commentators and consultants to predict what the New Year will bring for accountants, says Mark Lee.