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Mark Lloydbottom

Diversity, purpose and direction

The accountancy profession needs to make a quantum leap into the 21st century, according to practice development consultant Mark Lloydbottom.


“What is the purpose of a business?” In this preview of his first whitepaper in AccountingWEB’s 


Over the summer AccountingWEB will be publishing a series of  whitepapers sponsored by SAP in our Practice Excellence Programme, AccountingWEB editor John Stokdyk

The internet has changed consumers’ expectations.


Many years ago I spent many happy hours laying naked with Mark Lloydbottom. But no, it’s not what you think...explains Steve Pipe.



In this timeless classic from the AccountingWEB archives, Mike Platt and Mark Lloydbottom challenge the conventional thinking of many professional services marketeers.


Four of the greatest contributors to the global accountancy profession appeared on stage together this morning, speaking at the National Accountants Conference 2011.


For many accountants born in 1946, this year marked the point at which they probably planned to retire.