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Former Supergroup CFO Chas Howes set the tone for the Practice Excellence Conference by urging delegates to strengthen their brand by asking: “What can we steal from the people we like to make


Networking events are not for everyone. If you do plan to use events as a marketing and BD tool, make sure you plan your approach.

Three steps to building a successful professional services brand


The emphasis in many of the Practice Excellence Award categories is on intangibles such as client service, continuous improvement and innovation.

I've been invited to a marketing session with NABO, just wondered if anyone has any experience of using NABO for their marketing good or bad



We're seriously considering hiring a marketing exec and interested to know if any other firms out there have done the same and what type of results did you achieve?


Hi All,

I'm looking to get started with a CRM system. Not so much for current client info (although it will be on there) but more for prospects/marketing.


Critchleys have become known for their very successful annual budget seminar.


I heard recently that Dunkleys, a Bristol based practice are sponsoring the "Shaun in the City" initiative.


Hello All, I am about to embark on the exciting adventure of starting my own accountancy firm called 'The Accounting Shed' based in Knutsford, Cheshire.