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Four questions you should ask in order to prepare for future marketing challenges

How do firms maximise the chances that their marketing and business development efforts deliver the expected value on time and within budget?


As Christmas approaches, there is always a lot to get done. Many of us will be attending Christmas Parties and work events so it is well worth giving your activities some thought in advance.

Are professional services firms turning into event organisers? After attending a 200-strong conference in Brighton, John Stokdyk considers their growing role within accountancy.

This is a guide to help you design an integrated marketing campaign. By following these steps you will be able to:

Most accountants recognise that good record-keeping doesn’t just help with compliance; it’s good for the business too.


Former Supergroup CFO Chas Howes set the tone for the Practice Excellence Conference by urging delegates to strengthen their brand by asking: “What can we steal from the people we like to make


Networking events are not for everyone. If you do plan to use events as a marketing and BD tool, make sure you plan your approach.

Three steps to building a successful professional services brand


The emphasis in many of the Practice Excellence Award categories is on intangibles such as client service, continuous improvement and innovation.