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I've been observing accountants over the last month or so. There seems to be a split in how they are coping with the January SA silly season.


We're preparing a series of e-brochures which will (hopefully) be of interest to the wider business community for an e-marketing campaign.


Leveraging online tools, social media and creative design can turn a droll website into a profit-making centre for your accounting practice, says Hugh Duffy.


As the number of smartphone users continues to increase – Access Group recently predicted smartphones will 


If you use third parties like Communigator to relay marketing emails on your behalf are you sitting on a reputational time bomb?

In November I have, possibly foolishly, signed up to at least 2 exhibitions, including the Business Start up show.


Last week, I engaged a visiting tradesman in the standard patter. "Yes, I work from home," I said, "and I do tax for small businesses." Pause.


In a follow up to his last article on Self Assessment marketing opportunities, Mark Lee explores how accountants can target niche prospects.


Many marketers within the financial and accountancy markets realise the power that mobile marketing can bring, however a few simple searches reveal that few have taken steps to harness its pote


When the self assessment tax system was introduced, the SA abbreviation was intended to reflect simplified assessing, explains Mark Lee.