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Not only does the internet give you a global platform, it offers an array of free tools to manage your brand image.


Accountants Bootcamp guru and “Wizard of WOW” Paul Dunn set a challenge for practitioners at the National Accountants Conference 2011 to try and make themselves more like Apple Computer.

Communications consultant Olivia Chute says PowerPoint can be a valuable tool - if you use it with purpose and care. Banish your presentational fears with her introductory guide.

Many accountants are adapting their marketing techniques to embrace the changing demographics in business and attract new clients.

Relationships are vital and using LinkedIn they can be started, enhanced and leveraged as part of a firm's practice development programme.


There was a thread last month on Fixed Fees and as usual there was a debate but it looks like the dicussion was pulled with being mentioned or moderated.

Any ideas?

Bob Harper


Sole practitioner in accounting & tax, considering a telemarketing campaign targeting businesses in the SME sector. Can anybody recommend a good telemarketing company.


In a presentation at the recent CCH conference, Elaine Clark lifted the veil on how social networking can be applied within accountancy.


While your competition continues to make marketing mistakes, learn how to avoid them like the plague, reveals Matrix


Business development is a perennial challenge, so Finola McManus offers a plan of action to get you heading in the right direction.