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Search tools and social networks and offer a variety of methods that let you track what people are saying about your firm online. Simon Quance explains how to make the most of them.


HMRC’s increasing focus on individual customers, and a deliberate dumbing down of its communications with taxpayers has improved its effectiveness, according to one of the department’s senior marke


To kickstart our practice we've engaged a telemarketing company to arrange appointments.


Clients are no longer spending money in the same way they used to.

Businesses have a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the effect of PR.


I wonder if firms have taken advantage of the Train to Gain funding that is available?

There has been a lot written about telemarketing here with many different opinions so I wonder if anyone would be interested in watching over my shoulder on a live campaign.  

In order to market effectively, businesses have to first understand the potential customer's problem, explains Nicholas Watkis.


Branding is often misinterpreted as little more than a corporate logo backed by some marketing puff.