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Hello All, I am about to embark on the exciting adventure of starting my own accountancy firm called 'The Accounting Shed' based in Knutsford, Cheshire.


People die and buildings crumble, but a brand will live on long after you're gone.


I received a report through today.  It was about SEO and my website, a subject which I confess I'm almost entirely ignorant about.  I had, admittedly, some scepticism about the whole area of SEO an

Mark Lee explores how accountants can take action to create a more positive first impression.


More than 50% of accountants revealed in a recent AccountingWEB/Xero survey that their marketing strategy was something they thought they needed to change in 2015.

Innovation is a new category introduced for the 2014 Practice Excellence Awards and brings together entrants from firms of all sizes.

The Practice Excellence Award for practice growth pits firms of different sizes against each other.

A quick look at what accountants are posting on Twitter can provide a great insight into why many think social media marketing is a waste of time.


Have you ever had the feeling you were talking to yourself? Quite often blogging will feel that way and you will begin to wonder if it's worth all of the effort.