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If you’re a good accountant but you lack any sales skills you will probably struggle to build your practice, warns Mark Lee.


If you are like most accountants you probably get approached every now and then by third parties who have a proposition for you, explains Mark Lee.


Mark Lee visited the recent Business Start-up Show at Olympia and was surprised to find almost 20 firms of accountants exhibiting.


I have recently been emailing Julie Watson of the JAST partnership and they have put together a very attractive offer.


We like a lot of other companies use Google to drive draw to our web site in order t


Practitioners are often faced with the difficulty of determining whether a prospect is genuine or simply trying to glean information for free.


One of the most popular articles I have written for AccountingWEB is titled:


Mark Lee has long recognised that many accountants are just not interested in social media. He asks if their cynicism is justified.


This is the third in a three-part series intended to debunk some of the myths around marketing to build a start-up practice, explains Mark Lee.

Mark Lee follows up his first article in this series with observations regarding popular ideas that may be more trouble than they are worth.