I was meeting with a potential accountancy client this week, and they asked me the question:

“so, how does a blog help us win more business?”

Mark Lee explores some less wellknown measures that accountants can use to determine the success of their practices


Accountants will continue to lose credibility if they don’t educate the public about the value of their work and rebuild trust in its profession, according to new ACCA research.


Is anyone aware of any sources of information on international/country specific accountancy sites similar to this one?


Mark Lee talks to professional photographer John Cassidy, who describes mistakes that many accountants make with their profile photos and how to avoid them.


Mark Lee talks with Onvizi Nick Rink, who reveals various SEO techniques accountants can use to ensure they are found more often by prospects searching online.


During my decade as a business development director, I have observed that business owners and senior managers engage in various forms of marketing.

AccountingWEB’s community-based Practice Excellence Awards are up and running again for 2012, giving firms of all sizes the oppor


In this timeless classic from the AccountingWEB archives, Mike Platt and Mark Lloydbottom challenge the conventional thinking of many professional services marketeers.