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AccountingWEB’s contributing practice editor Mark Lee has taken soundings about the profession’s use of social media in recent months and still thinks too few accountants are getting the point.


Twitter can either be a handy business and networking tool or a waste of professional productivity, depending on your standpoint. 


There is a particular advert on at the moment that talks about affecting things "at the molecular level".


Does anyone know whether this website is any good? Apparently it's the top lead generation provider for accountants in the UK.



I was meeting with a potential accountancy client this week, and they asked me the question:

“so, how does a blog help us win more business?”

Mark Lee explores some less wellknown measures that accountants can use to determine the success of their practices


Accountants will continue to lose credibility if they don’t educate the public about the value of their work and rebuild trust in its profession, according to new ACCA research.


Is anyone aware of any sources of information on international/country specific accountancy sites similar to this one?