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Former KPMG accountant and founder of cloud accounting software firm Clearbooks Tim Fouracre brought a new slant to meeting discipline in his recent blog, 


Recently more than 80 people, many of them AccountingWEB members, met in a ‘virtual room’ provided by Citrix to attend a webinar entitled ‘The Modern AGM’, explains Jennifer Adams.

There are still some events which legally require the holding of an annual general meeting (AGM) and can even lead to a court intervening and instructing that one be convened.

You might not think you need an annual general meeting (AGM) but there are at least three compelling reasons why you should consider one.

Practitioners can report significant improved results by implementing a new systematic approach to client meetings, explains


Coach Carol proposes two principles that every meeting should adhere to in order to help bring quality to such office gatherings.


Since the Companies Act 2006 came into force, there is no longer a statutory requirement to hold an AGM.


Mark Lee explores the different reasons for arranging client meetings and asks if they are still necessary in an era of video calls and social media?


Following on from her series on incorporation, Jennifer Adams offers advice on regulations and best pra