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Microsoft’s Surface tablets went offline at a crucial moment in yesterday’s NFL (National Football League) playoffs leaving the New England Patriots without play information and eventually losi


As Microsoft prepares to launch Windows 10 next week, Richard Hattersley previews the new features that will be included and how they’ll affect your business.


The clamour from accounting firms looking to diversify their services get louder every week on AccountingWEB.

Cloud business software company NetSuite has formed a strategic alliance with long-time rival Microsoft that will tie its products closely to both Office 365 and Azure.

Microsoft has unveiled its plans for Windows 10 and a brief outline of its Office 2016 package. 


Microsoft stumbled into security SNAFU when its December bug-fix for Microsoft Office ( MS14-082) disabled ActiveX form controls in Microsoft Excel and other Off

Googles explanation - i.e. dump android in preference to its own mobile OS

Cloud accounting software vendor Xero has announced that it will connect with Office 365 mail, contacts, calendar and files. 


AccountingWEB hosteda live chat today focusing on answering questions practitioners have about providing an IT Advisory service. 

Accountants are delving into many different areas, in a bid to move away from compliance to a more advisory role.