A new hosted desktop provider has opened its doors to the accountancy marketplace.


In the world of spreadsheet errors, a $500 miscalculation on a $9,500 budget shouldn’t cause much of a fuss.


Microsoft last month announced the launch of hosted versions of its Dynamics GP 2013 and Dynamics NAV 2013 business software.

Am thinking of getting an ms tablet and would like to run vt transaction on it. From what I can see I'd have to get the more expensive one. Any views?


Software giant Microsoft has appointed 41-year-old Amy Hood as its new CFO.

The latest version of Windows was unleashed at the end of October.


Microsoft launched Excel for Windows back in 1987 and effectively replaced Lotus 1-2-3 despite being a late-comer to the spreadsheet party.


I'm am currently engaged with a contract catering client in a full technology and finance process review.  The upshot is they need to invest in a number of new systems including a Finance package.