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Accountants are increasingly embracing and investing in mobile technology to reach out to clients and new prospects.


Computer viruses downloaded onto employees’ mobile phone apps could steal details of a business bank account, or run up a massive phone bill, make secret audio recordings of board meetings and

Tired of the wearisome search through mobile phone deals online, entrepreneur Dave Bell turned the whole process on its head with his free “anti-price comparison” website,


Until now, firms regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) have not had to record mobile calls and texts, largely due to the perceived technical complexity involved.

I'm an IT contractor looking for a new phone contract, and it seems to me that personal contracts are cheaper than business contracts (I can't directly recover VAT as I'm on the flat rate scheme) t


The surprise announcement last week that Microsoft Business Division president Stephen Elop was leaving the company to join Nokia was just the sort of bad news that Microsoft doesn’t need at the mo

The launch of the iPad will come to be seen as a 'tipping point' for mobile learning, claims Skill-Pill's Richard Castle.


Company provides mobile phones to employees.

Some employees have received replacement phones but have not returned their original phone (no question that phones are lost).