The E-Act academy chain was stripped of 10 academies this week after it was given a “financial notice to improve” by the DfE's Education Funding Agency last


The government’s approach to collecting debt such as tax and benefit overpayments is inconsistent and often ineffective, according to a


Poor forecasting by government departments is an “entrenched problem”, leading to poor value for money and increased costs for taxpayers, according to the National


MP Margaret Hodge and her Commons public accounts committee signed off for the Christmas break with a new report taking HMRC to task for its inability to close the £35bn+ tax gap.


Charity finance managers have advised the Charity Commission to make better use of data on the charities it regulates to help spot potential fraud, tax avoidance and other abuses of public money.


Following the National Audit Office's investigation into the Cup Trust and its criticism of the Charity Commission, tax advisers are once again portrayed in a very poor light.


MPs and the National Audit Office (NAO) have criticised the government for ‘mismanaging’ the roll-out of broadband internet services to rural areas.


The Labour party has set up a "rescue party" to save the government's delayed welfare reform amid concerns over IT problems and its management.


The National Audit Office has praised HMRC computer systems in a report about the risk

The National Employment Savings Trust Corporation (Nest) was the victim of a £1.4m “mandate" fraud after payments were fraudulently diverted to suppliers, according to a report by the