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National Audit Office

A National Audit Office (NAO) study on tax fraud broadly supports HMRC’s efforts to close its £34bn tax gap, while gently questioning the quality of the data behind that strategy.


It is too early to tell if the government's introduction of the universal credit

HMRC and the Treasury do not keep track of tax reliefs intended to encourage particular behaviour to meet social or economic policy objectives, according to the National Audit Office.


The E-Act academy chain was stripped of 10 academies this week after it was given a “financial notice to improve” by the DfE's Education Funding Agency last


Poor forecasting by government departments is an “entrenched problem”, leading to poor value for money and increased costs for taxpayers, according to the National


MPs and the National Audit Office (NAO) have criticised the government for ‘mismanaging’ the roll-out of broadband internet services to rural areas.


The National Employment Savings Trust Corporation (Nest) was the victim of a £1.4m “mandate" fraud after payments were fraudulently diverted to suppliers, according to a report by the

HMRC this week trumpeted the success so far of its transition to real time information (RTI) for PAYE, with head of RTI communications Jane Brothwood claiming in a blog that more than 1.5m empl


HMRC tax advice helplines will go from using costly 0845 prefixes to cheaper 03 ones by the end of the summer, according to MPs.