national insurance

Silly season announced itself today with a string of stories trumpeting the big news that the Tories are thinking seriously about merging national insurance with income tax.


The Chancellor announced the creation of an NICs Employment Allowance in the 2013 Budget.


Contractors and their tax advisers have been on tenderhooks since last week in anticipation of tax announcements around the use of “


Just had an e-mail from Lawspeed headed "News 3rd December 2013" including the following text:


My client is a partner in  a business.  Profit share is say £8k.


HMRC has attempted to fix a national insurance (NI) number verification problem under RTI by issuing numbers without the final letter (A B, C or D).


Employees missed out on the big Budget announcements regarding national insurance, but there was a nod towards simplifying NICs for the self employed in HMRC’s


I am a Spanish lawyer based in Marbella hence Spanish tax resident. I am also a UK Solicitor and since August 2010 a UK Notary Public.


Many clients' spouses have been receiving letters that all ask for £626.60 to make up for a gap in NIC to qualify for state pensions.

Are these letters correct?