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national insurance

My client is a partner in  a business.  Profit share is say £8k.


HMRC has attempted to fix a national insurance (NI) number verification problem under RTI by issuing numbers without the final letter (A B, C or D).


Employees missed out on the big Budget announcements regarding national insurance, but there was a nod towards simplifying NICs for the self employed in HMRC’s


I am a Spanish lawyer based in Marbella hence Spanish tax resident. I am also a UK Solicitor and since August 2010 a UK Notary Public.


Many clients' spouses have been receiving letters that all ask for £626.60 to make up for a gap in NIC to qualify for state pensions.

Are these letters correct?


A company director pays himself £624 in month 1 of the tax year under PAYE.  In month two he pays himself £11,144.00.  


The government has delayed a consultation on options to integrate the operation of income tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs).


My sister has two part time jobs, one earning around £3,000 pa and the other earning around £4,000 pa.


I have 2 clients who I have noticed are not paying any Class 2 NI yet their earnings are well above the £5,315 threshold.