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It's great that my weekly articles on AccountingWeb generally seem to be so popular. I've covered a range of topics over the years and never seem to struggle for inspiration.


First of all, I'll start by saying I am not a professional networker - this blog post is just my personal observations on the skill. 


Mark Lee suggests how start-up firms can describe what they do without simply saying "I'm an accountant".


small talkI’m often amazed at how many people I meet who tell me that they are no


Mark Lee encourages start-up practices to seek help from those who know and care for them best.


I've been told by one accountant that an Inspector has refused relief for a client's networking costs and claimed this is standard HMRC practice.


I'm spending a day speaking and networking at a conference this week. Therefore, I thought today's blog would be a short and simple blog on how to get conversations with strangers started.


Hi - Hopefully someone can come up with the answer on this for me.  I have asked to be treasurer of a small local business networking group.  Each member of the group pays £10 per meeting and the r


Yesterday I was doing a 'lunch and learn' around the subject of 'why use LinkedIn' with the partners in a medium-sized firm.