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Mark Lee suggests how start-up firms can describe what they do without simply saying "I'm an accountant".


small talkI’m often amazed at how many people I meet who tell me that they are no


Mark Lee encourages start-up practices to seek help from those who know and care for them best.


I've been told by one accountant that an Inspector has refused relief for a client's networking costs and claimed this is standard HMRC practice.


I'm spending a day speaking and networking at a conference this week. Therefore, I thought today's blog would be a short and simple blog on how to get conversations with strangers started.


Hi - Hopefully someone can come up with the answer on this for me.  I have asked to be treasurer of a small local business networking group.  Each member of the group pays £10 per meeting and the r


Yesterday I was doing a 'lunch and learn' around the subject of 'why use LinkedIn' with the partners in a medium-sized firm.

Do you ever get tired of other professionals just wanting access to your black book of clients?


In this blog post, I explore why accountants need to do more than just be a diligent networker if they want to win business via their network.

Can you remember the last time you 'worked the room'? How many people did you meet at the event? 10, 15 or more? How many names can you memorise now?