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I was at a tweetup this week, and engaged in a lively conversation with someone I had just met.


You will have noticed that this weekly column does not take the form of a blog, despite its categorisation by AccountingWEB.


A good friend of mine, Rob Brown has a great quote, which I often recite:

March hasn't got off to a good start.


I've been invited by Affilica International to a club meeting with the intention of signing me up for membership. Trouble is their subs are £1,000+ so I'm not sure if it's worth it.


On Friday I had a debate on twitter with a Canadian career coach where three very flawed beliefs became apparent:

Networking, I mean. Why what were you thinking about?


We all think that successful business networking is down to focus, discipline and very often the preparation you do before an event. However, successful business networking is more than just this.