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Following on from the resignation of Addenbrooke's CFO (along with its Chief Exec), in general what's the mood of finance professionals in the health service at the moment?

An IT system that was supposed to collect information from GPs to improve the care in the health service is years behind schedule and over budget, says an NAO 


So the head beancounters have woken up and realised they are being fleeced by using agencies. It begs the question as to why it has taken so long ?


My client has had enormous difficulty getting a statement from NHS pensions regarding his Pension Input Amounts since new rules came in.


Now we're back behind our desks the 2015 Election has kicked off in earnest.


Yesterday various parts of the NHS went on strike . Take the RCM by way of example , their website trumpeting the 82% in favour  


The former head of financial accounting at an NHS Trust has been given a five-year jail sentence for defrauding two primary care trusts of £2.2m.


NHS bodies have been given a reprieve from an estimated £500m tax bill after confusion over rules allowing public bodies to recover VAT paid on outsourced services, according to Baker Tilly.

What are the legal, Tax and NHS regulations?

Can anyone help me please?




I have a doctor client who joined the partnership on 6 April 2012.