Where a health insurance policy is in the name of the employee and the employer pays the premiums, it should be a P11D item but class 1NIC is due not class 1A NIC - as it is a payment of a personal


I am hoping someone can help with some advice on a rather complicated situation.


This  page has just been drawn to my attention:


I have taken over a domestic payroll mid-year and the previous accountants have claimed the Employment Allowance.  It's a domestic payroll where carers are employed to look after a person who is in


A self-employed man who didn’t pay national insurance contributions for 17 years wasn’t to blame because of poor advice from his accountant, a tribunal has ruled.


It's all a bit of a minefield for a non-accountant learning as they go - NIC payments, £2k NIC allowance, corp tax, income tax etc.


Silly season announced itself today with a string of stories trumpeting the big news that the Tories are thinking seriously about merging national insurance with income tax.


Hi. Thank you.


My client worked overseas for a period of time and received employment income with foreign tax deducted.

A young lad came to my door this week carrying a bag of overpriced household articles, explains Simon Sweetman.