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The Supreme Court has allowed taxpayers and HMRC leave to appeal in the case of Investment Trust Companies and Others, in which the trusts are claiming a refund on VAT that was wrongly charged

Finance directors are usually associated with large companies but they can be just as valuable for fast-growing small and medium sized businesses, says


The Pensions Regulator has published a guide for employers an


Taxpayers failed in their bid to overturn retrospective legislation against stamp duty avoidance. 

In spite of backroom squabbles and changes, HMRC has committed to introduce digital tax accounts for individuals and businesses over the course of the 2015-16 tax year.


What’s the best way for accountants and HMRC to share views, tips and moans about the tax system?


Starting from 5 August, employment intermediaries now have to send quarterly reports to HMRC giving details of all agency workers they supply to clients where they don’t operate a PAYE scheme. 


HMRC has defeated an "artificial" tax avoidance scheme that tr


The Financial Reporting Council says it is dealing with disciplinary cases quicker but needs to make more progress in encouraging companies to produce annual reports that are more useful for in


A decision by the UK’s Supreme Court about legal aid will help creditors get money they are owed after insolvencies but a government review of insolvency litigation may protect “rogue directors