Nick Huber

A small children’s playgroup managed by volunteers has lost an appeal against penalties for filing its tax return late.


Deloitte’s appeal against part of the 'record' £14m fine for its business advice to collapsed car-maker MG Rover will start on 29 September, according to the

Businesses who make and sell apps or provide digital services to consumers in the European Union will see their paperwork increase in January due to new legislation to counter tax avoidance, ex


The founder of Matlan has lost an appeal against a tax bill for tens of millions of pounds.


Sometimes bad economic news can be good news for taxpayers. A judge has ruled that the recession was a reasonable excuse for a family business to not pay a VAT bill on time.

The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) has published a final version of its 


More than 100 of Britain’s biggest companies have asked for major business rates changes to encourage in

HMRC has published new guidance on its new accelerated payment powers, which may require thousands of taxpayers to p

A tax avoidance scheme that abused tax relief for research into life-saving vaccines to claim back £77m in tax, has been rejected again by a tribunal.


A “jobbing” builder has won an appeal against penalties of £7,000 for failing to comply with Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) tax rules.