Nick Huber

Two Essex businessmen who evaded £2.5m in corporation tax and VAT in a fraud involving the supply of labour to the railway industry have been jailed for 10 years, after an investigation by HMRC

The principal trustee of a charity, who tried to steal over £100,000 in a fraud involving tax relief on gift aid, has been sentenced after an investigation by


The accounts of the UK’s largest public companies are generally of a high standard, but there is still a high proportion of poorer-quality corporate reports produced by smaller listed and AIM-q


The government is reviewing the minimum salary someone has to earn before he or she is automatically enrolled into compulsory workplace pension schemes.

A growing gap between salaries of senior workers in HMRC and their private sector counterparts is damaging morale and may undermine efforts to reduce tax avoidance,


Grant Thornton wants Chancellor George Osborne to use his Autumn Statement to help medium-sized businesses.

KPMG has set its sights on the small-business market with the launch of a


An accountant has been severely reprimanded and fined £4,500 for failing to submit an annual return and doing business without professional indemnity insurance (PII).

It’s approaching that time of year again.


Dyson, the engineering company best known for its vacuum cleaners, is in dispute with HMRC over a possible £1m income tax bill for founder and owner James Dyson.