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Office 365

Microsoft is returning to the world of small business accounting through alliances with cloud platforms such as QuickBooks Online and Xero.


There can be no more distinctive sign of changing habits in business technology than the debate that continues to rage on AccountingWEB on the relative merits of


Office 365 seems a good deal with skydrive any one using full time

or should i go hosted with a chrome book


With the advent of online versions, the old desktop tradition of announcing major software releases is fading away.

Microsoft has confirmed that several of its most popular Cloud Computing services experienced a service outage lasting around two hours overnight.


Microsoft formally launched its Office 365 edition, which puts the familiar Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications into the Cloud.

Communications consultant Olivia Chute says PowerPoint can be a valuable tool - if you use it with purpose and care. Banish your presentational fears with her introductory guide.

Following a recent Any Answers query asking for more information about Office 365, John Stokdyk bit the bullet and dived into the beta-test version.


I had a look at Office365. My first impressions are positive.