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The trade that is plied by offshore service providers such as Mossack is nothing new even if the zeitgeist is , in that it has made the headlines because of an infamous leak that is somehow justifi


I have a client who has an online marketplace. 

He brokers services as follows: 


If the current Finance Bill is passed as it stands the relationship between HMRC, tax agents and their clients will be changed to the detriment of all, warns Rebecca Cave.


My boss recently redeemed one of his overseas investments. The source of this investment was his offshore usd account.


A client approached me recently having spent the last year working in the UK and also on the oil rigs near Aberdeen.


A client has secured overseas (non-EU) contracting work on a day rate and is looking to set up and use an offshore Ltd to minimise his tax liability (as he would not quite qualify for non-resident


Guernsey and Jersey signed Automatic Information Exchange Agreements with the UK on the 22 October 2013 – the ‘UK-Guernsey Agreement to Improve International Tax Compliance’ and the ‘UK-Jersey Agre

HMRC has launched a fresh investigation into offshore tax havens, working with US and Australian authorities on data which has revealed individuals and tax adviser


The French budget minister has been “moving every two days” to avoid paparazzi after he resigned for having an undeclared offshore bank account.