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We have a problem changing the clients address in the clients government Gateway for PAYE.


As you may be aware I also an online retailer .


By now, most accountants are at least vaguely aware of how important a savvy online presence is to business success.


Of those who are on 1st / 2nd page of Google for their locale...

... How many enquiries do you get per week / month?


Has anyone been able to find where you go to submit a non EMI ERS return, formerly known as form42.  I have a client registered for ERS but the only annual return I can find to complete is the EMI


Editor of Wired Magazine David Rowan spoke recently at Xerocon about the future of business and technology.


Self-employed people applying for a mortgage will find it easier to get evidence of their income online, HMRC says.


Last year Sage’s Omnibus and annual Pulse research demonstrated that accountants were considered the most trusted source of business advice to sm

The two-way relationship between accountants and their clients is something that has radically changed in recent years.