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I've received a few emails from HMRC now notifying of a new tax notice (P9) being issued, yet when I log into PAYE online there is nothing there!


Are they having a laugh?? That's when I'll need to be filing several Feb VAT returns.



It's late - I'm probably being blind (or thick, or both! :) ).


 Hi, As the title suggests this is just a word of warning to let anyone who might be as stupid as I am apparently am know what might happen in the following situation.



HMRC say to put the overlap profit figure in Box 69 on the SA Tax return - which box is this on the online filing return please? Thanks


Apologies for what must be a silly question but I've never used HMRC's own system.


I just voluntarily submitted a series of CT600 tax returns through the iXBRL protocol and so far, everything seems to have gone well.  Some odd experiences were:

Having happily filed many sets of abbreviated accounts at Companies House over the years, we have recently started encountering a problem.


how long does online authorisation take on HMRC SA system - i have been waiting for 3 days is that a long time


I filed the Employer's Return (P35 and P14) for me and wifie, in April/May as I should.  It went in okay but when I tried to get the P60s printed off there was some hitch and I have to leave it.