Since 2013 and the rollout of RTI we’ve had our eyes firmly focused on cash earnings data but the next set of legislative and policy change is all about benefits in kind and expenses, reveals K


In modern-day Britain Hamlet may well ask that of the grave-digger he encounters, as it is impossible to tell if a person is an employee or self-employed, just from observing them work.


As part of the government’s policy ‘Creating a simpler, fairer tax system’, the Office for Tax Simplification (OTS) started a project in April 2013 looking at employee benefits and expenses, ex

The Office of Tax Simplification is seeking views on where the complexities lie in determining someone’s employment status for tax purposes.

The Office of Tax Simplification (whom God preserve) has produced its report on the tax competitiveness of UK tax administration.

Major structural changes to some UK taxes may be needed if there is to be a significant reduction in the time businesses take to comply with their tax responsibilities, according to an Office o

The government has launched a review of employment to determine whether the employment status of up to a million workers could be strengthened.


One recent response to a piece on AccountingWEB said The Office of Tax Simplification has a very poor record in relation to everything it touches and quite simply


Geoffrey Howe likened the task of simplifying Britain’s tax system to painting Brighton’s pier while someone else was extending it to France.


Silly season announced itself today with a string of stories trumpeting the big news that the Tories are thinking seriously about merging national insurance with income tax.