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Client emailed me a letter this morning chasing P11D for 2015 and warning about penalties.

Kate Upcraft looks at HMRC’s plans for employers to move away from P11D reporting and embrace reporting BIK in real time.


Employee's 3 children each have a mobile phone connected to the limited company phone account.

The cost plus VAT has been deducted from his salary up  to now.


Our multi-office practice has received several penalty determinations for late filing of forms P11D and P11D(b) for 2014/15.


In his latest blog Chairman of the ICPA Tony Margaritelli takes a look at things in the accountancy world that make us both want to laugh and cry.

I'm a sole trader; my employee wears a work shirt with a company logo, that I buy (costing £20) and is required to return it to me when their employment ceases.


Director 1 man band client has paid over 35 years worth of NI, and is going onto dividends only from now on. He still needs a payroll scheme for P11D purposes only.


Simple(!) question about List 3 subscriptions.


I have a client who takes disabled young people on respite care away .