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I'm a sole trader; my employee wears a work shirt with a company logo, that I buy (costing £20) and is required to return it to me when their employment ceases.


Director 1 man band client has paid over 35 years worth of NI, and is going onto dividends only from now on. He still needs a payroll scheme for P11D purposes only.


Simple(!) question about List 3 subscriptions.


I have a client who takes disabled young people on respite care away .


A clients DLA was overdrawn at 5 April 2014 by £2,080 (didn't exceed the limit for 2013/14 therefore no benefit on P11D).


I act for a sole director and shareholder who is also the managing director of their own limited company and they are being investigated because the company incurred an admission fee on behalf of t


In previous years we have submitted P11D expenses claims to HMRC P.O. Box 1970 Liverpool.

Is anyone aware of a change?


We have been using Moneysoft to run our client payrolls for a year (most clients are sole directors and employees of their own limited company).  This week I've been looking at the year end process