I have just been hit with a tax underpayment of some 6500 but was under PAYE for a UK Corp and have discovered it was due to a P11D from 11-12 tax year but I am no longer with the employer, any hel


What date does the P11D/P11D(B) submission need to be made by this year (i.e. for 2012/13) before the imposition of an automatic penalty.


A client has just informed me that his boss pays for his home phone bill (the bill is actually in the name of the employer).


We only have a very small number of P11D's to complete and have been downloading forms from HMRC website to complete and send to clients for signature.


Client charity (the employer) was in middle of a major fund raising plan when the charity's manager broke his leg and was signed off driving for six weeks.  Employer would lose the funding if left


This is not my area of expertise so I would appreciate help from the experts.


Once again HMRC have cut down a forest the size of Wales to send out what must be hundreds of thousands of paper P11D(b) forms. The vast majority of these are totally unnecessary as either a) there


We are a charity who employ a full time minibus driver to collect disabled members and bring them into our Day Centre.


Like other AccountingWeb members who have posted on Any Answers, I have been very frustrated by HMRC removing the P11D functionality from Basic PAYE Tools.  However, I have just received an email f