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Letters from HMRC about annual P11D forms for benefits and expenses paid to employees have confused some AccountingW


Two clients have contacted me today because they have received requests for P11Ds dated 23 June.


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If a car is available for loan to customers when own car is in the workshop for extensive work then at other times it is theoretically available to directors for their private use.


Have some ex-employees who have items reportable on P11d.

Unfortunately I am aware that they have moved and we do not have their current address.


HI All


I have a season train tickets and wonder the best way to account for it ?

its a single director using paye


Hi All, 

I am currently self employed and have one one rental property. This year I have to complete my self assessment to process my tax. 


We purchased a company on 1 April and took on employees through TUPE. One of them has a company car, do I have to complete a P11D for the 5 days of the 2013/14 tax year??


Do I still need form P11D completing even though I have only been reimbursed business mileage (at the 45p per mile rate) and occasional telephone calls.


Employee was given some dosh by employer to pay for extra personal costs in 2012-13. Employer then did P11D and employee had lower tax code to compensate in 2013-14.