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Where can I find the gross rateable value (GRV) of a propertyin England to include on a form P11D for an accommodation benefit?


I've just realised that I omitted a benefit of a P11D that was filed on time for 2011-12.  The difference in tax due is £400.00.



Has anyone else today started to notice P6 changes in coding as a result of P11D submissions, which include a van benefit when none were advised to HMRC?




Recently my company started a branch in another country and we are reallocating one employee to that country to look after the branch as our international director.


With gridlock predicted for the capital during the London 2012 Olympics, the pressure is on more people to work flexibly from home.


The filing deadline for forms P11D and P11D(b) passed on July, but when are late P11D penaltie

With the opportunity to provide a cost neutral employee benefit, it’s no surprise that salary sacrifice has become an increasingly popular option for many businesses, especially as a way of fun


I have taken one client who routinely works away from home and submits accomodation, subsistence and fuel receipts upon return.  Dispensation is now in place but P11D needed for 2011-2012 year.  Pr


Where does one find the gross rateable value (GRV) of a property to include on a form P11D for an accommodation benefit? 

What would a typical GRV be for say a £200k, £500k or £1m house?


Two dates are ingrained on the mind of anyone who deals with payroll matters.