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I have taken one client who routinely works away from home and submits accomodation, subsistence and fuel receipts upon return.  Dispensation is now in place but P11D needed for 2011-2012 year.  Pr


Where does one find the gross rateable value (GRV) of a property to include on a form P11D for an accommodation benefit? 

What would a typical GRV be for say a £200k, £500k or £1m house?


Two dates are ingrained on the mind of anyone who deals with payroll matters.


I find the whole P11d thing to be quite confusing at time so I'm wondering if anyone could please clarify if I'm corrcet in the following situation:


Employee's private bills found recently to have been paid by employer, going back to 2010/11. Just treated as expenses. This point is not in doubt.

I have had some clients who are employers but there was no reason to pay a salary to the sole director.


Are the premiums payed for directors and employees towards a death in service policy taxable? Does the tax treatment change depending on the structure or type of policy?


Now that the PAYE year-end returns are out of the way - for the last time for some businesses - Diana Bruce of the

When completing a clients accounts in December i realised i had not filed the P11d(b) for the company as the director had started to receive a car benefit  during the year ended 5th April 2011.I wa


I'm having a look at some P11d forms and reviewing the HMRC guidence.