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This isn't so much a question as a warning to practitioners and I feel something that warrants national press attention, though I could do with some opinion on what to do next.


Some Sage Payroll users were affected by errors in their end-of-year P35 submissions.


It seems some poor wretch at HMRC has finally been given the potato-peeling job of processing the nil P35 notifications, judging by the number of confirmations finally dropping into the inbox the l



I've just gone through some pain on the phone to HMRC about a P35 Interim Penalty Letter and wondered if anyone else had the same trouble. What happened is:


I have a book-keeping client with a tiny one man band company that did very little last year.


In April 2011 we submitted the P35 for a client. In October 2011 with no explanation HMRC penalised the client for £400 for non-submission of that P35. We appealed and our appeal was upheld.


Just received in the post today a penalty notice for £100 for a client whose P35 was filed on 21 May 2012.


For some companies, the advent of Real Time Information over the next 12-18 months means this week will see the final performance of the annual P35 ritual where P35 returns must be submitted to