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The PAC has scrutinised Google executives, with chair Meg Hillier saying they were “taxing (her) patience” as they explained Google’s tax settlement following a six year HMRC audit, which encou


The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has raised concern about the burden on small businesses as the automatic enrolment programme picks up pace.


The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has published a scathing report on HMRC’s performance, accusi


Margaret Hodge has received more than £1.5m in shares from the tax haven of Liechtenstein, according to


This was suggested by members of the PAC when they questioned Dave Hartnett and Edward Troup recently: It is hardly a new perception being an article of faith for the FSB and many others, says

Panto season started early at the Public Accounts Committee this week, where Margaret Hodge and her accomplices grilled heads of tax at both PwC and pharmaceutics


HMRC says it will decide its preferred option for replacing its multi-billion pound IT outsourcing contract in the Spring.


MPs have warned that HMRC’s action against tax avoiders continues to be “unacceptably slow”, putting tax revenues at risk.