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paperless office

We are trying to go paperless or less paper or hard copy free filing systems. One option considered is saving documents in drop box.


Storing and retrieving scanned HMRC documents (and others )


It was almost a year ago that I wrote a post on how happy I was having a paper filing system


The question of what to do with old or out of date client records regularly crops up at this time of year. Rachael Power collects a range of answers.


Buckinghamshire-based practice Connolly Accountants has grown rapidly since pioneering online accou

Just wondering if anyone has tried using Docustor to implement a paperless solution if so how did it work for you. 

Many financial processes have languished as organisations focused on other areas such as distribution or HR. Eclipse Group CEO Ga


Accounts payable is a crucial element within any finance team, but why is it so neglected when it comes to automation?

We are a small accountancy practice, total of 6 staff, we are looking to go paperless. Can anyone with experienced using this type of software makes a recommendation.


Document management software developer Invu has teamed up with PracticeWEB to offer accounting firms secure online file exchange facilities via their practice websites.