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Electronic document specialist Lindenhouse has collaborated with AccountingWEB to publish a


It was almost a year ago that I wrote a post on how happy I was having a paper filing system


The life of an auditor or travelling accountant can be stressful.


For the past few months, AccountingWEB and its members have been exploring the “second wave” benefits of paperless office technology.


If you’re buried under paper documents and tax returns at this time of year, there is another way, writes John Stokdyk.


The “second wave” of paperless practice is less about the space- and money-saving aspects of electronic document management and more about the efficiency and client service improvements it can

Milner Boardman, an accountancy firm based in Altrincham, South Manchester, turned to paperless processes as it sought to expand its services, and reaped an estimated return of £60,000.

This article continues our series on the “second wave” of paperless practice with a few observations from accountants and practice managers on how document management has changed the way their


John Stokdyk introduces a series of articles that will draw on the advice of accountants who have forged ahead with successful paperless practice techniques.