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Major events and tax deadlines are fast approaching in the lead up to the holiday season.


25 November 2015

I want to bring on board a person who would be working with me for the foreseeable future.


New sole trader hairdressers client

Just before coming to me they registered for PAYE and paid a worker monthly in October 


We have a new client who has had pensions incorrectly processed through the payroll for more than four years.



First of all I'll just clarify that I do not work in the accountancy trade, although I had some training in the field at the beginning of my career.


An employer didn't collect Student Loan from an employee in the 2011-12 tax year and it was coded out to 2013-14.  Silly question - does HMRC actually have the power to code out student loan?


Hi all

I would be grateful for any views on this situation.


I have to handle 2 new employees for UK co. One lives& works in Thailand and the other lives & works in US.


Just taken on a locum working through her own company. Needs accounts and tax return for Dec 14 year end. Been taking £950 a month salary. RTI - what's that? There isn't even a PAYE scheme yet.


Starting from 5 August, employment intermediaries now have to send quarterly reports to HMRC giving details of all agency workers they supply to clients where they don’t operate a PAYE scheme.