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PAYE code error

Leading tax barrister and writer Keith Gordon has started an online petition to preserve Extra Statutory Concession A19 (ESC A19) as it is.


The great PAYE code backlog of 2008-10 continues to cause trouble, with complaints to the Adjudicator about HMRC payment claims more th


For the 12th year in a row, the comptroller and auditor general qualified HMRC’s accounts for 2011-12 for the lack of verifiable evidence concerning tax credits error and fraud.


Dame Lesley Strathie, who resigned as HMRC chief executive in November, died on Saturday 14 January from cancer that was initially diagnosed in July.


A report published by the Treasury select committee claimed HMRC’s “unacceptable” quality of service failed due to a number of factors, including “overly ambitious expectations for IT


The real-time information (RTI) environment planned for HMRC’s PAYE Online portal could undermine data quality and needs to be thoroughly tested, according to the National Audit Office.

HMRC was caught up in another weekend avalanche of bad publicity as a result of PAYE codes that negelected to include allowances for people who started to receive pension payments during the past y


A committee of MPs has publicly accused HMRC of failing in its duty to process PAYE accurately and on time.


The government this week back-tracked on its stance over PAYE underpayments when Treasury Exchequer secretary David Gauke confirmed that HMRC would apply Extra Statutory Concession A19 to pensioner


With MPs pursuring an inquiry into HMRC's workings, Simon Sweetman launches his own performance review.