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Client DD for PAYE was set up on HMRC website about 5 months ago and each month I just added another one.


Does anybody know where I can find a copy of the P46 starter checklist that I can print off without having to fill it out? I used to keep a bundle of P46 forms to hand to people when they need it.


Hi All,


This may seem a pretty simple question but I need a little advice on setting up a Payroll for a single Director company where we can put through just one payment a year.




I have a client who has paid a single member of staff £6,900 in 2014-15 but is not running a PAYE scheme. I'm a relatively new to accounting and rarely work with PAYE. 


We have a limited company client with a PAYE/CIS problem.


I’m a trusting soul, so when I was told by HMRC that the April Employer Bulletin would clarify what the PAYE penalty regime is now, I believed them.


With the passing of another year in the payroll calendar, questions are still being asked on AccountingWEB about why so many errors are arising around the data submitted via real time informati


Up to three million people with more than one source of income may get backdated tax bills of £2,000 per y


I work with an organisation that has an enhanced maternity pay policy.  In other words it offers something better than SMP.