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We received some 2013/14 P30B "You pay electronically" letters in December and January.  We received some 2013/14 P30BC PAYE payslip booklets in January and February.  We have received some 2012/13


One of the most frequently asked questions about RTI on AccountingWEB is what will happen under the new system to small companies that only have


The advent of real time information (RTI) for PAYE is stirring up a 'fight or flight' response within the accountancy profession.

Twitter was alive with messages about this last night, following an online Q&A session with HMRC, even Rececca B posted.


Following the same unanswered question in April last year, is anyone using any of the payroll add-ons mentioned on Xero's website (MYPAYE, payescape & The Payroll site)?


A surge in public tenders in Decembers indicates that local and central government bodies are gearing up for RTI by outsourcing their payrolls to contractors.


My sister has been working 'casually' - rolling 1 year contract, very part time - for an organisation for some time.


We incorporated a CIS client last year.

The PAYE/CIS registrations for the new company have taken months for HMRC to process, and this has resulted in problems.


HMRC has been trying to resolve a logjam that is likely to occur when real time information (RTI) filing gets under way in earnest in early April.