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We incorporated a CIS client last year.

The PAYE/CIS registrations for the new company have taken months for HMRC to process, and this has resulted in problems.


HMRC has been trying to resolve a logjam that is likely to occur when real time information (RTI) filing gets under way in earnest in early April.


Company  is a CIS sub-contractor and currently pays PAYE quarterly after off-setting CIS tax deducted from  the payments it receives from contractors.


Client has p/t employement income (at a school) and p/t self-employed income from her home-based business. All personal allowances are utilised against PAYE income.


We are a very small practice. My wife does payroll for about 40 clients, about 30 weekly. Now we are coming to that time of year where we are closed next week.


Draft Finance Bill 2013 clauses set out new RTI and PAYE late payment filing penalties that won’t come into effect until April 2014.


Client ( within SA ) has a liability on lettings income for 2011/12. Being under £3k, I asked for it to be coded.

A "is this just me question"

We have had half a dozen notices from director only payrolls that the quarterly nil PAYE return notice has not been received.


It's always best to prepare for big administrative transitions early, but businesses, accountants and even some software developers are struggling to keep up with RTI.


Payroll software developer Payexcel ceased trading after more than 10 years in business because it could not cope with the transition to RTI.